Some unpublished drawings

I've been doing some cleanup of my hard drive yesterday and found a couple of drawings I hadn´t uploaded anywhere before.

The first one is practically a sketch in red but I liked the effect and deemed it finished. Now that I post it, it kind of reminds me of James Coburn...):

The other is a fantasy themed one, also monochromatic (this one is pre-aquisition-of-Wacom, so it's done with the mouse):

Hope you enjoy them,



Oberst Hyeronimous von Toth and his minions

An ongoing project shared with Meninobesta has been the development of zombie rules for the new Triumph & Tragedy wargame rules.

We've played a couple of games and we still have to iron out some minor issues before we can settle on a final version.

Caught up in the excitement of wargaming zombie skirmishes I've been putting some priority into finishing my Pulp ww2 zombie group. I've even drawn up a small Allied Intelligence report meant to introduce my force (the "fluff" in GW terms).

Here it is:
"Situation Report:

This is what we learned thus far:

The Solamun Virus had been isolated by the Germans as early as 1940 but deemed too toxic to be used as an effective weapon.
Subjects died only to reanimate with no life signs, coupled with inhuman strength and a supernatural resistance to bodily harm.
Only complete removal of the brain was observed to be completely effective in permanently neutralizing those afflicted with the virus.
Subjects, upon reanimation, seemed to be driven solely by the instinct of feeding on the living and were completely uncontrollable. The virus was dismissed as a useful weapon.

When the tide of the war began to shift, after Stalingrad, interest in the Solamun´s uses in warfare re-surfaced. Several competing science teams were given funds to investigate a way to control the reanimated.

Oberst Hyeronimus von Toth and his team had a novel approach, and were scoffed at by their peers. They turned to Occult tomes and remote digging sites.

We have evidence that has lead us to believe that Toth as met with partial (or possibly complete) success. A recent commando raid on his lab (that we at the time believed to be a site for developing biological weapons) met heavy resistance from a small infantry force that although unarmed "simply would not die". We have strong reasons to believe that those were Solamun afflicted soldiers. We are to refrain from the use of the word "zombie" lest we impact morale too severely.

Toth was spotted never letting go of a briefcase and the Solamun afflicted troops seemed to be under his control. We suffered heavy casualties in the raid.

All we have learned comes from a member of Toth´s team captured in the aforementioned commando raid. He claims Toth is mad and operates completely outside of the control of the regime. He fashions himself a god. He is building an army out of the "afflicted" and the key to their control is an artifact in the briefcase, but the captured team member claims no one knows what it is - but it never leaves the briefcase Toth always carries.

It is imperative that Toth be stopped at all costs. This new threat could potentially turn the tide of the war, in unexpected ways, since Toth appears to have no loyalties to anyone besides himself."

And now some WIP photos of Toth & friends (on a Max Brooks background :)):

And a group shot, Toth in the middle with his briefcase:

More on this project as it progresses.


15mmMen: The missing floppies

15mmMen is a more or less irregular comic I do for Battlefront and it revolves around the game Flames of War - some of the comics will only be understood by gamers "in the know" of the rules - others are (I expect) a bit more universal. It's more or less an even mix.

When Battlefront moved to a new site, they set me up with my very own gallery, but a couple of comics got lost in the process :(

The one I most get asked about is "The-Black-Knight-one".
Also known as "The-one-with-Meninobesta" (who is facing the Black Knight on this strip).
Also known to my PC as "strip 21".

Well - I of course have the originals, plus some sketches. So without further ado, I give you: "That one comic that had PG on it" (yet another alias) :)

Sketch with composition for the strip (If you click it, it will grow):

Strip in it's final online format (click it for full size):

And some more strips that went missing in the move:

"Big Game Night", featuring my friend, Firepigeon - btw, congrats on Geek of the Week #123 Manuel! (this one is a comic revolving about relative sizes of armies):

And "The Wargamers Creed" (a more general wargaming comic):

Some links of note:
15mmMen sketch book
15mmMen Gallery@Picasaweb
15mmMen Gallery@Battlefront

So all in all only 3 comics missing in some odd 40. Not bad :)

I'm currently on what (I hope) is a small break from 15mmMen. Because I'm bloody knackered :P


The only gamer in Sri Lanka

Today I stumbled on a blog from a fellow gamer that happens to be in a bit of a pickle. If we (Portuguese Wargamers) often complain that we are low in number, take a look at:


(Excellent taste in wargaming by the way - and in books by Zach Parsons I would bet :)).

It's from a fellow that goes by the name Pnweerar (also a fellow Lead Adventurer).

Like the pioneers of old, he alone is "of the hobby" in his Country.
He is the only gamer in Sri Lanka.

I promise that if I ever find myself in a situation where I would for some reason go to Sri Lanka, I will take my 15mm Grey Aliens, hoping to face his 15mm Frog Men :)

En avant... TUER!!!

Another project started in 2007 were my 15mm French Peninsular force.

This Picture is quite old, as I've since added to this with some Cavalry, Artillery and more Infantry. Me and Meninobesta did de "Battle of the Douro" using Shako rules and currently our sights are set on the "Battle of Vimeiro".

Click here to access the scenario as written for Shako.

I still have some Infantry to go before I can tackle that one. In our homebrew basing system 3 bases are a battalion, so the picture above represents 5 line (or Ligne) Battalions and 1 Light (Legere) Battalion (with a base to spare).

Some additional photos:

A "General de Brigade" (He's based on 2c EUR coin - gives you an idea of scale):

An Artillery Piece. Pretty lethal in the Napoleonic times. You wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of a Grapeshot discharge:

French Dragoons. Real men wear pink facings with green turnbacks :)

My French Peninsular 15mm Gallery in an embeded slideshow (click play to start):

Full Gallery: 15mm French Peninsular @ Picasaweb

We come in peace

Still on the subject of catching up, this time in wargaming.

Last year I read some quick rules for using little grey men in Flames of War. On impulse (damn Paypal and Credit Cards and the Internets! And then again, maybe not :)) I bought myself some little grey aliens of my very own. They arrived in glorious all metal look about 1 week later. Some dabs of the paintbrush later I had a 2000 points FoW system 15mm Grey Alien Invasion force, complete with Flying Saucer and giant Golden robots.

I, for one, welcome our new 15mm high Masters

Top secret photos of the invasion force

How the horde progressed: From Metal to Glorious Grey :)

Illustrations for Children

Will try to quickly shoot out some posts that bring you up to date in some of the stuff I've been involved in last year.

This one was a fun one. It was fairly quick and I had just became a parent, so I had a critic at home to cry some opinions at the work in progress.

The general idea was that some squeaky clean dog would teach a dirty little boy about good hygiene habits. It was for a friend of mine (Pedro Rosa) to use in a school project envolving actual kids (I still have some left over copies of the booklet).

It was also a chance to get away from a much darker style I'm confortable in and try out a much softerpastellymylittleponycarebear style.

I did a Colored and a B&W all lines version (it was a coloring book)

An example of this is "Dirty Kid patting Squeaky Clean dog":

A complete listing of the colored plates in my Picasaweb Gallery

Well - lets get this going again :)

I got lazy about my blog.

Time to get it up on its feet again. Time... to REANIMATE IT!!! BWHAHAHA!!!

Ok. I just had to have my "Herbert West" moment. I'm all right now.

I'll be introducing some other subjects to the blog - so I'll probably almost always have something to post about.

I'll be adding my other hobby interests besides drawing, namely:
Military History

Maybe the odd computing post.

Practically no Star Trek or D&D though, so maybe I'm not an uber-geek :)

Live long and Prosp... I mean, er..., cya!