First delvings with my new WACOM pen tablet

I´ve spent the last few hours getting the "hang" of it - after about 1 hour installing Bluetooth Drivers, Wacom Drivers, and Corel Software.
The pen is quite intuitive, and I managed to get some presentable drawings done pretty quick :)
I produced some test pieces - but wasn´t quite happy with some colours I did, so I´ll post a black & white drawing I did to test the precision of the Wacom Graphire. I was quite happy with the result :) I can identify my free-hand technique much better than with the ones I did previously with the mouse... of course. :)

I do Miniature Wargaming, and for inspiration I had some 15mm Teppô (that´s rifle) Ashigaru (that´s the lowest ranks of Samurai armies in the "Sengoku Jidai Period" - AKA "The Warring States Period" - Circa 1400´s). Follow the links if you´re in to that sort of thing ;).
So it´s a Teppô Ashigaru -but with a twist - I gave him a futuristic sci-fi rifle :D.
The symbols on his banner mark him as a member of the Takeda Clan. Click the picture to get a full-resolution version. Blogspot´s compression blurs it up more than a little.

I can´t begin to say how lucky I am that I am now a proud owner of this pen tablet. I feel like a kid drawing in the math class all over again! :D


My friends pitched in...

...at my birthday and got me a beautiful 2000dpi, 512 pressure lvl sensitive, A5 WACOM Graphire4 Bluetooth... :D

I´m beyond myself with happiness :D

I have to overcome a small hurdle though - gotta buy me a USB->Bluetooth dongle today, and I hope to be "at it" tonight. Expect updates in the coming days :)

Thanks to everyone that pitched in - I hope I can draw a caricature of each and everyone of you (and I do have a list... :D)