Big trouble in Besar-Monyet!

Finally some pulpy project underway. The rules are already sketched out and the three parties envolved (Archeologists, German Mercenaries and Cultists) are currently being fleshed-out.

I´ll update this project later on, but it all involves a lost Pacific Island, a Golden Idol and a Giant Gorilla. What could possibly be wrong? Maybe some zombies and ninjas missing, but we can probably solve that :)

I took some atmospheric photos to set the mood for the game. Hopefully all stars will be aligned so that we can actually play this later on this month.

Pictures follow, depicting a previously failed expedition of the Imperial German Army to aforementioned Island:

Nice Monkey...

Gorilla wins! Fatality!

Various Digital drawings

Some slow days at work and I found the perfect way to battle death by boredom - I brought my tablet in to the office. A couple of days later (and hours upon hours of metal in my headphones) I had some work to show for it:

An Angel:

A Female daemon:

And the start of some Zodiac signs (currently only, and by this order: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Virgo):

I finished up with a (Hellish) cityscape:

Comments are more than welcome :)