El Pollo Diablo!

I´m doing good progress on my Pirate Ship, "El Pollo Diablo".
Here are some WIP pictures (looks like I´ll have it ready for battle next Thursday afterall :))

Overview of the work so far. I had to remove the mast for priming and lower the aft castle a wee bit.

The aft of the "El Pollo Diablo" - with nametag :)

Side view of the Ship. There are some (barely perceptible in the photo) skulls mounted on poles along the sides of the deck. Very piratey :)

Hopefully all major work will be done tomorrow - my aim is mainly to get him "presentable" to put on the gaming table next Thursday. I´ll handle details after that - nothing says Easter like painting skulls on a Pirate Ship :)

I´ve also started work on a smaller boat (a dingy). More on that on the next update.


A Pirate I was meant to be!

Been slow hobby-wise for the past couple of weeks, as I was preparing everything for the organization of a FoW tournament (GTS 2008), with Meninobesta. It all went well and I managed to get my hands on Legends of the High Seas.

The result was that I went down bad (worse than before) with Pirate fever and decided to tackle a major (at least for me) modeling project - A Pirate Ship!

As I´m much more a Monkey Island man than a Master & Commander one, I went for a cartoony look for my ship and christened him "El Pollo Diablo" - a fitting name :)

Images of Guybrush still stir up some funny bone inside me, fruit of lots of time spent on Scabb Island searching for Big Whoop.

The Man himself, Guybrush Threepwood:

Work is underway and I expect the launching ceremony to happen very soon, meanwhile I leave you with some Work in Progress pictures.

El Pollo Diablo complete with masts and Pirate props:

The arms race is on as Meninobesta is also busy with a rival (still nameless) vessel:

Next Thursday I expect to have El Pollo Diablo minimally presentable to make an appearance at my very first LotHS game, versus Meninobesta.

I´ve read the rules and I´m sure it will be a blast :)