Psycho-cherubin-beasty thinguie

Another one of the 10 minutes sketches done with a WACOM pen. Vaguely inspired (at least initially, the it went wild) by a good friend of mine (you know who you are... :D). A flying evil cherub with a big gun about to open a can of whoopass on someone. He ain´t no cupid.


Grrrr... get off my stinking face!

On the recent occasion of a good friend´s birthday (Paneum) I had a real treat: Using his WACOM pen. It took some getting used to, and this is one of the sketches that turned up from that brief (sigh...) session.

Ithaqua - The Cold Death

Still in the Cthulhu Mythos vein, I present you Ithaqua - the Cold Death.

Here shown in 1:100 scale :D

He comes in the middle of a snow storm to snuff the warmth out of the world. If you ever roleplay "Call of Cthulhu" RPG, and you spot one of these across a snowy plain, run like hell.


Squid Ship concept

A spaceship I recurrently have used in my drawings for about 15 years now. The shape haunts me. It look so streamlined and beautiful to me - only recently have I realized it has a very "fishy" look to it - hence "Squid" ship. I remember as a kid having all kinds of versions of this ship (as kids do): freighters, capitol ships, small fighters, scouts, etc...

Might be putting up some drawings in the future based on this concept.


If there is or ever were daemons, I´ll bet they would look like this. The cliché red with horns and tail doesn´t scare anyone anymore. I named it cacodaemon because while I drew this I kept hearing "Satan Spawn the Cacodaemon" from Deicide in my mind. It stopped now. :D

Unholy Necronomicon Priest

Sure am in a Pulp kind of mood.

Just drawn up a Necronomicon-toting Zombie Priest from Hell. Put´s me in the mood to cook up a "Call of Cthulhu" RPG, but the thought vanishes as soon as it came as I realize I have no time for RPG campaigns in my schedule... :P


PS.: The "zombie" link goes to Rob Zombie´s band, Rob manages to be both one of my favourite artists and one of my favourite musicians - be sure to check it out.


Speaking of Lovecraft...

Here´s a deep one fresh off the pond.

Thinking of deep-ones always reminds me of two things:
- Roleplaying Call of Cthulhu from Chaosium
- "The Thing that Should not Be" from Metallica back when they had long hair. "Hybrid Children watch the sea..." :D

Check out the rest of the lyrics

Still all done with GIMP with nothing but a mouse and some coffee :)

Rare Ethiopian Nippled Toad

I might not be many things (Im not a pot, or a flashlight, or a printer - just to name a few) but I sure am prolific. This blog is about publishing stuff I do on an impulse and without much forethought.
When I sketch I let the sketch evolve all on it´s own without much carefull consideration. It´s almost as if the hand is moving on it´s on accord as the my thought is somewhere else (not poetic in any way - I´m thinking what I´ll have for dinner, thinking about DVD´s I should buy - just really mundane stuff).
Sometimes I finish and look down and think: "Well, that´s odd...". This is one of those cases.
If you squint real hard you can probably make out a shape of a toad. You might be surprised that this particular toad has nipples. Maybe it´s not a toad - maybe it´s a Lovecraftian Deep One.


I´ve been playing around with GIMP - a freeware image editor.

As I´m just an amateur artist, and have no money left from my other hobbies I´m trying out GIMP (as opposed to being restricted do mspaint :P).

I´ve just installed it and made a 5 minute sketch that ended up looking like the bastard child of the Che Guevara Icon and a Zombie.

Gotta save me some money for a Wacom - drawing with a mouse has it´s limitations...




First things first. Im this guy here:
Don´t ask me how my glasses stay up without ears and nose...

I created this blog so that I can have someplace where I can put my sketches up. It could evolve into something else - I´ll just have to wait and see.