Some general updates

A very generic hobby update:

I´ve been working on this an that - without much to show because I´ve been mainly gluing lead to MDF for 3 or 4 days.

Thats all done now and I´m the proud owner of a Roman Metal Army, mustering on the Field of Mars and waiting to be primed. Here it is parading, joined by the minis that had early access to paint:

In between gluing my fingers I did some 28mm Pirates (The dandy in the middle will be my "Major Pirate": Antoine "La Verrue" (The Wart):

Having glued all my Corvus minis, I did a test base of Legionaries, just to imagine what it will all look like once done. A very easy paint the Corvus minis:

I can expect to have further updates on both the Pirates and the Romans very soon. In paralel I´m advancing (not worthy of photos just yet) the rest of my zombie Germans and some Flames of War Tanks.

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