LeiriaCon 2008: Highlights

A while back, I was invited by my good friend Manuel Pombeiro to do a Flames of War demo for LeiriaCon 2008 (the largest Boardgames yearly convention here in Portugal). Me and Meninobesta, veterans of many a FoW demo, built a couple of 2000 point LW lists, packed up rulebooks and terrain and off we went to be-castled Leiria to spend a day gaming.

We planned of course to get involved in other games, not least of which a record-breaking Wings of War mayhem (we broke the record for simultaneous players and planes for WoW: 47 in a 6 meter long table!!!).

One of the Wings of War games designers, Andrea Angiolino, was present to show us the future wave 2 WoW miniatures and to participate in the record-breaking game.

The record itself is well described at Boardgamegeek, here.

Andrea also reported on it, here.

Some wave 2 WoW miniatures:

There was some interest generated by a lovely set up of Flames of War, and we still found the time to dally in some boardgaming action - a perfect day :)

Games I played:
- 2000 pts LW FoW demo
- Wings of War
- Crokinole (a game that dates back to 1876!!! It´s kind of a tabletop version of Curling with several twists)

- Last Night on Earth (Zombie B-Flick on a table with all the juicy clich├ęs - Cooperate or die! excellent!)

- Ca$h ´n Gun$ (Divide up the loot while menacing people with foam pistols!)

We packed up around midnight and left for home, after a day (very) well spent. I will surely want to attend the 2009 Convention. Good games and good people all around.

Problem is I have succumbed to Wings of War madness and proceeded to dole out some cash in exchange for the base set plus a Sopwith Camel, a Spad XIII, an Albatros d.V and a Fokker Dr. I. I´ve got canvas and spandau fever :)

The Kempf Fokker (I am now the proud owner of a 1/144 version of this :)):

In the middle wing of his Fokker Dr. I he sports the cheeky question: "Do you remember me?"

All the Leiria Con Pictures I took at my Picasa Gallery

and much (much!) more at Manuel´s Gallery

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