Some unpublished drawings

I've been doing some cleanup of my hard drive yesterday and found a couple of drawings I hadn´t uploaded anywhere before.

The first one is practically a sketch in red but I liked the effect and deemed it finished. Now that I post it, it kind of reminds me of James Coburn...):

The other is a fantasy themed one, also monochromatic (this one is pre-aquisition-of-Wacom, so it's done with the mouse):

Hope you enjoy them,



PAM said...

com o rato?!?!?!
sabia deste, conhecia-o.
agora que tinha sido feito com o raton?
minha nossa senhora...
só podes ser louco. aliás...

boa homem! manda mais!

torradas said...


ainda é da ADW (Antes De Wacom) :)

Quem não tem Wacom caça com Rato ;)